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Pest Control for Moles: Mole Catchers in Oxfordshire, Banbury, Bucks & The Thames Valley

Have you ever woke to find someone has been working on your lawn overnight without your permission? If the answer's yes then the chances are it's not the local gardener doing you a favour, and they've not been cutting the grass!  If your lawn has suddenly erupted with those distinctive mounds of freshly dug soil then it's pretty safe to say you've got a mole problem and it might just be time to call a professional mole catcher to evict your unwelcome guests.

With bases in Oxfordshire, Banbury & Buckinghamshire our experienced team of mole catchers are well located to provide mole control and removal services throughout Oxfordshire, Bucks & the Thames Valley, including but not limited to; Oxford, Bicester, Summertown, Kidlington, Botley, Farmoor, Carterton, Farmoor, Cumnor, Yarnton, Wolvercote, Cowley, Blackbird Leys, Headington, Kennington, Horspath, Garsington, Wheatley, Banbury, Abingdon, Didcot, Woodstock, Witney, Wallingford, Chipping Norton, Thame, Brackley, Marlow, Henley, High Wycombe and everywhere inbetween.

So how do you catch a Mole?

Moles live underground all year round, but are more active at the surface in damp warm weather. However, they have been blessed with a heightened sense of hearing, smell and movement, so are far more lively in the early hours when most of us are tucked up in bed. This helps explain why the first sign of a mole infestation is usually discovered in the morning when you wake to a garden full of fresh mole hills.

Moles are certainly industrious little creatures, in fact a single mole is capable of digging over 20 meters of tunnel per day, and for the uninitiated, catching the moles at work can be a tricky, time consuming, and often frustrating job.

Depending on the population, there are a number of traditional methods we use for mole removal, most often it's a case of tracking the tunnels and laying traps, however, as registered pest controllers, in certain circumstances, depending on the environment there are a number of other methods that can be used too.

Hawthorn are experienced mole catchers: we control and remove moles on a daily basis..

Our experienced mole control experts are members of the British Traditional Mole Catchers Association and having performed mole catching duties on a regular basis for over 10 years for both agricultural and residential customers throughout the Oxfordshire and Thames Valley countryside you can be assured we have the knowledge and skill to get the job done in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible.

Is professional mole control a long term solution and how many visits will I need?

The number of visits required to catch, remove, and ultimately control moles in any one area is entirely dependant on the population and environment. When working in a domestic capacity in urban environments, just two or three visits may be enough, and whilst nothing can ever be guaranteed, you may remain mole free for many years to come. However, in larger countryside areas, or on agricultural farm land, more visits may be required. It really does depend on the population and the enviromnent. However, you can be sure we will do our absolute best to ensure the moles are removed as humanely and efficiently as possible. In addition, we always take extra measures during the removal process, and provide extensive advice on further action you can take yourself to ensure the chance of their return is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our mole catcher removing a mole from a farmers field in Oxford

A mole makes a rare appearance in the daytime in an Oxfordshire field
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Hawthorn Pest Control for Moles Oxfordshire    Mole Catchers Oxford, Bicester, Banbury and the Thames Valley                             I contacted Matthew with a rat problem in my house. He called almost immediately and put down traps. Nothing was too much trouble and I would certainly use the service again. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Hawthorn Pest Control Company.  - Paul W Rat Control, Oxford                                   Thank you for such a prompt appearance Matthew, so glad the wasps have gone at last. A tricky job, very well done. I'll be sure to recommend your wasp removal service to friends if ever they need it.  - Derek Mew Wasp Nest Removal, Oxford                                   Matt has controlled pests for us since day one of our commercial grain store. He is qualified, thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. He offers good value for money and provides a fantastic service.  - Derek P, Oakley, Oxfordshire                                   Your local mole catcher from Hawthorn Pest Control is availiable 24/7 Monday to Sunday throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Thames Valley. The areas covered for mole catching, control and removal include: Farmoor, Yarnton, Cumnor, Wolvercote, Botley, Wytham, Kennington, Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Headington, Rose Hill, High Wycombe, Marlow, Littlemore, Garsington, Henley, Horspath, Wheatley, Oxford, Summertown, Appleton, North Oxford, Banbury, Kidlington, Horspath, Abingdon, Benson, Didcot, Woodstock, Witney, Brackley, Faringdon, Wallingford, Deddington, Islip, Chipping Norton, Charlbury, Thame, Brackley, Bicester, Banbury Sandford, Wood Farm, Brill, Watlington, Yarnton, Princes Risborough, Chalgrove, Great Milton, Little Milton, Wootton, Berinsfield, Dorchester on Thames and all villages and surrounding areas of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Thames Valley..
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